[Blessing Bag]

Kind readers, friends and family— would you like to help me celebrate my birthday this month?? 

You know I need all the help I can get! 

 Instead of sending a birthday card or gift how ’bout you whip up a BLESSING BAG for someone in need?!  Idea via Kids With a Vision— HERE!  “Blessing Bags” are small emergency kits that might offer a bit of help to someone in need.  You can give your bag to a homeless person on the street or donate it to a local homeless shelter, church or food pantry.  

Last week I asked the kiddos if they would help me make 40 blessing bags to help ring in my 40th this month!  We set up a little family style assembly line and filled gallon sized zip lock bags with our hygiene and food items.  I really can’t imagine a more lovely birthday treat!  Some of our bags were child friendly and others were geared for homeless adults.

Blessing Bag Filler Ideas (for adults)

Mini Cereal Boxes


Hand Sanitizer/Soap



Granola Bars/Energy Bars

Wet Wipes

Pen & Small Note Pad

Breakfast Cookie

Gift Cards (Starbucks)




Note of Encouragement

Peanut/Almond Packs


For kid friendly bags you might consider including stickers, toys, arts & crafts supplies, kiddo shampoo, bubbles, and other little treats!  I found that full size items from “dollar” stores were sometimes less expensive than trail size items at traditional stores.


A soon to be 40 year old!