Lots of little BEARS came out of hibernation last week…

This bear is missing a tooth! 


[B is for Band-Aid Bears]

 “Boo Boo Bears” were a big hit… these kidlets are CRAZY for Band-Aids!  


[Bear Color Sort & Treat] 


[Three Bears in a Box] Idea via Dr. Jean’s Three Boppin’ Bears Story House


[Simple Spoon Puppets]  I love all the ultra creative wooden spoon art out there!!   This is the easy version of spoon art… tempera paint + black sharpie + paper scraps!  


1. & 4.  Bear Hunting!  Kids followed the map to find teddy bears hidden through out the yard.  

2.  Bear Painting  

3.  Bear Origami via Crafty Crafted

4. & 5. Almost-Life-Size-Dress-Up-Bears  (self adhesive magnets to dress and re-dress)


[Kooka Bears] 

 These little fellas go with Blaise’s favorite bedtime song— “Kooka Bear Sits in the Old Gum Tree.”


[Teddy Bear Pancakes for DINNER]  


[Not-So-Scary Bear]


Book & Snack time with with my all time favorite BEAR book… Jamberry by Bruce Degen


Our Teddy Bear Tea HERE!

Our Little Porridge Party up HERE!