[Pick a Chick] 

 For this two player math game each chick is pre-filled with marbles (1-5).  Kids pick chicks and add marbles to see who wins. We also used the chicks for a couple rounds of  “ROTTON EGG!” 


[Wind-up Chick Painting] 

Our favorite art project of the week!  Inspired by the marvelous kids and teachers at Irresistible Ideas for Play Based Learning.


My favorite four year old CHICK!!! 

I looked in the mirror today before I went into the grocery and I too had pink paint of my face left over from this project.  :) 


1.  Chick Counting Cards   2.  Watercolors for 52 Smiles   3.  Chick Number Match   4.  Chicks?  Ducks?  It’s a Chuck.


Chicks ARE-CAN-HAVE activity…  Idea via The Inspired Apple!

Chicks are: fluffy, yellow, black, brown, cuddly

Chicks can: poop, walk,  sleep, peck

Chicks have:  feet, wings, beaks

They were in heaven with these sweeties!!  Emerson even read to her fuzzy little friends.


All CHICKED out till next year!


Fun with Chicks PART I HERE!

Love and blessings to you as you prepare for the miracle of EASTER!