A turkey a day

keeps the doctor away!


A Turkey a Day…

1.  Turkey Coin Bank  Recycled spice tin

2.  Turkey Color Bingo  Each turkey has a unique set of colors.  Fill your turkey feathers and BINGO (GOBBLE!!!) Via HERE 

3.  Water Color Turkeys   

4.  Hand Gobbler  Traced Hand Print +  Feathers + Clothes Pins (Via HERE)

5.  Eat more TOFU Ads!

6.  Turkey Dinner  Race  Mini board game made from paint chips.  Players race to fill their plates!   

7.  Turkey Farm  More math and color fun.



Trivia night has become a huge hit around here.  We are saving this weeks TURKEY TRIVIA for Thanksgiving Day!

Did you know…

 …that six hundred seventy-five MILLION pounds of turkey are eaten each Thanksgiving in the US?

…turkeys will have approximately 3,500 feathers at maturity?

…wild turkeys can fly for short distances up to 55 MPH?

…Turkeys have more protein than chicken or beef?

This weeks Trivia facts via University of Illinois Extension


Turkey Treats

1.  Edible Play-dough Turkeys  Fancy tooth pics+ Feathers + Preschool Peanut Butter Balls (Mix and chill 1 cup PB +  1 cup honey + 2 cups dry powdered milk)  I remember loving these when I was a preschooler.  They are incredibly tasty!  mmm mmm… I’d love to eat a couple dozen right now!

2.  Kid Style Turkey Cupcakes via Pillsbury

3.  Turkey Roll  Left-over Halloween candy math game!   

Gobble ON! 

One last Turkey fact— did you know that you know that on a quiet day you can hear turkeys gooble from over a MILE away? 

 and I thought it was loud around here!!!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving festivities!