Feeling Hungry???

How about some… used Band Aids to snack on?!


Or perhaps you rather have some…


G R O S S- O L O G Y    M E N U:

Scabs & Pus = Marshmallows, Smashed Raisins (Thanks DAD) & Frosted Flakes
Blaise’s Dirty Diaper =I spared you a photo of our melted Tootsie Rolls and diaper dish.  
Rat Droppings = Black Jelly Bellies & Rubber Rats
Cat Food = Chex Mix (Remarkably similar in shape!)
Used Band Aids =Cinnamon Graham Crackers & Frosting
Earwax = Marshmallows, Melted Butterscotch Chips & Toothpicks
Pint of Blood = Strawberry Glaze
Moldy Cereal =Chex Dipped in White Choc & Green Food Coloring
Frozen Pond Water & Worm Dessert = Green Sherbet & Gummy Worms 
Toe Jam = Butterscotch Chips
Plate of Worms = Black Spaghetti (Target)

The marvelously disgusting earwax and used Band Aid idea from:  Saucy’s Sprinkles  She even made armpit hair!!!  heheheheh… I don’t know why I find this kind of thing so entertaining!!  I book-marked Saucy’s delicacies last year and I’ve been waiting all this time to whip up some repulsive FUN!  

And if you need one last gross fix you may want to make some KITTY LITTER  for dessert tonight!