[Source:  Paper Glitter’s Darling Bat Toppers]

 \1. Cat Lady    2. CAT-RAT-BAT treat    3. Book Love    4. Skip to My Lou’s Terrifically Cute Chocolate Bat Wrappers    5. Stuffed Newspaper Rat    6. Cat & Bat Face Paint


 [Here Kitty Kitty Pumpkin]


Top Three Highlights of the Week:

1.   Family Trivia Night!  Did you know that Vampire bats have an anticoagulant in their saliva?  That rats fur smells like grape soda?   That Vampire bats are one of the few mammals who put their own life at risk to share food with unfortunate roost-mates?  That one type of domestic rat can have 15,000 descendants by the ripe ol age of ONE!?  I set up TRUE-FALSE questions so even the little ones would have a chance!   

2.   Seeing the look of bewilderment when I asked the face painter if she could kindly paint a RAT on my toddlers FACE!  heheheheh…  

3.   Taking crafts projects & snacks OUTSIDE.  Ever tried creating in a giant corn field? It was 65 degrees with a million shades of fall around us.  I am savoring this season.

1. -at family flip book with rubber rats    2. Bat Brownie Bites    3. Rat Pumpkin    4. The constant state of my house!!    5. Made By Joel’s Marvelous Cat Match Game    6. Mini Sketch Books  

 Family Fun’s Black Pumpkin Bats  &  My Favorite  Black Cat


Idea Via All Kids Network.  Super Easy!!  Fold an 8.5 x 11 sheet of black construction paper in half lengthwise.  Use the cut-out from body for the head.  Kids can embellish with scraps! 



Have a WONDERFUL day!