DETAILS:  1.  Grandma’s Birthday Gift: Handmade Pirate Tic-Tac-Toe   2.  BOOK Love!   3.  Pirate WORD Ship (Chalk Board Spray Paint + Colorful Chalk)  4.  Family Art Time


[Shoe Box Treasure Chest & Paper Bag Map]





 1.  Word Wallet (Find the PIRATE words hidden inside.  Make a sentence!)    2.  Snack Map (The skulls are made from marshmallows and Swiss cheese.)   3.  Library Book Fun   4.  Arrrr Word Ship


ARRRRR Ideas & Inspiration

1.  FANTASTIC Free Pirate Printables from Cottage Industrialist {HERE}

2.  An EXTRODINARY Artful Pirate Series {HERE}

3.  Texas Reading Club: Ahoy Matey!

4.   My favorite Pirate ship EVER:  Ann Wood