So long ice cream…


Talk about a hard sell. :)

 [Painting With Veggies]

Asparagus: Paint Brush!  Corn on the Cob: Paint Roller!  Peppers and Brussels Sprouts: Stamp and Smear!


Photographs of veggies cards for “Go Fish” and “Memory Match”


[Create a Veggie Plate]




—————————————————–Veggie Details————————————————————-

Fun & Games:Go Veg (Go Fish), Name that Veggie and The Vegetable Memory Game

Imaginative Play: Farmers Market & Seed Scientist

Book Love:The Vegetable We Eat (Gibbons), The Life and Times of Corn (Micucci), The Monster Who Ate my Peas (Schnitzlein), I Will Never Eat a Tomato (Child), Grow it and Cook it (DK Press) 

Art Time: Painting with Vegetables, Design Your Own Seed Packet and Plate Veggie Art  

Creative Learning: Seed Packet Spelling, Spelling Blocks & Vegetable Classification  

Just for fun: Peas and Carrots Cake & Peas & Carrots SMASH!


 [Emerson by the Veggie Table]



[Seed Packet Spelling]

Kiddos can use seeds to spell the vegetable name.  Seeds are mini circle punches and packets are letter sized envelopes cut in half and mounted on cardstalk.   


Left to Right (above):1) Blaise Visits the Farmers Market 2) Word Block Spelling found via Make Learning Fun  3) Painting! 4) Corn Ready for Color  5) Emerson Taking a Picture of our ‘Peas & Carrots’ Before SMASH! 


 [Veggie Classification Game in an Altoid Tin]


 Now go eat some VEGGIES! Or at least play with them.