Alphabet SOUP! 

Stone SOUP!

Oh My!

 Is it possiblie to make SOUP fun? Maybe!!!! YES??

S o u p s  O N!

Learning Fun: Spell with Soup Cans & The Alphabet Soup Treasure Hunt

Books: Stone Soup (Murth), Campbell Kids Alphabet Soup (Adams), Mouse Soup (Lobel), Pretend Soup & Other Real Recipes: A Cookbook for Preschoolers & Up (Katzen)

Songs: The Vegetable Soup Song & Soups On! Lyrics: Here

Activities: The Tomato Soup Taste Challenge, Making Homemade Stone Soup (yes with a real stone!) & Can Doo Game 

Arts & Crafts: Cardboard Soup Stove & Alphabet Soup Collage

Making Stone Soup (or shall we call it SILLY Soup?):

 The Alphabet Soup Treasure Hunt was thg big winner of the week. Mason searched for tiny treasures to fill his pot of soup:

Ideas & Inspiration:

Lamb-Chop reads Stone Soup: Part 1  &  Part 2 

Photo Soup Cans:  We made these last year!

Template for Alphabet Soup Collage: HERE!

Stone Soup Recipe: Family Fun

Stone Soup Printable: Scholastic

ohhhh and how could I forget the “Spelling with Soup Cans” game???  Ya, it takes a serious dose of cheesiness to embrace this kid friendly lifestyle!   

So after a full day of winter snow play…. get your SOUP ON!  :):)