I promise! NO MORE Christmasy photos after today!

Christmas card 2009:

I had three different card versions… I can never pick just one?  I made a itty bitty mini from a folded buisness card,  a square tri-fold, and a post card with my all time favorite Christmas MEMORY (kids on mailboxes handing out treats)!

This design is from the fantastically brilliant designer Sarah Gourdie. She has the most lovely card designs.


Teacher THANK YOUs using Heather Ann’s gift tags:


(And yes, I was tempted to say thanks a latte!  But I thought that might be taking things a bit to far.)

Here are the cups—Starbucks gift certificates were tucked inside…


“It’s good to be children sometimes and never better than at Christmas.”

Charles Dickens  


347 days till next year… but who’s counting??!

I hope the JOY and WONDER of Christmas stays with you all year long!