Crafts: Star Glitter Garland, Star Necklace and Red, White and Blue Drums

Edible Fun: Flag made from snack food, Jello Jars {Jello+ whip cream + blueberries in baby food jars}, Banana and Blueberry Flag Snack & Marshmallow Pops

Letter, Numbers & Colors: Surprisingly —-F, 4 and red, white & blue!

Books: Hat’s off for the Forth of July and Forth of July-Sparkly Sky

Activities: Red, white and blue picnic with friends &  drumming in the sunshine



June2009Drums-4th-of-July-EJ-MC-BAC000The drums are Quaker Oatmeal boxes covered with fancy paper.  I filled the drums with dried beans & rice for a little added noise making fun.  The straps are made from thick ribbon— simply slip ribbon in small hole on each side and tie a knot inside the drum to secure.



Thanks Kirsten for making the ADORABLE garland and necklace with the kiddos!!

May you have a joyful and safe Forth of July!