I found this old school-house chalkboard on Craig’s List for 20 bucks.  It’s huge— 8 feet long and 4 feet high.


For convenience our center hangs on a wall in our garage!!


  • Artwork— Each kid has a section to display their favorite artwork of the week!
  • Kids Communication Binder—  allowance, permission slips, notes, chore chart and happy thoughts
  • Home Communication Binder—  receipts, coupons and notes
  • Tiny Buckets—- spare change & small collectibles
  • Bags (not shown, they hang below each name)— essential for a grab and go kinda day; diapers, wipes, snacks, small toys, sun screen…
  • Daily Clipboards— Whatever I need to do/deliver/mail for the day will be ready to go!  YES!!!  I love this part!  Permission slips, mail, checks, to-dos, coupons…  ready to go!


YESSSS!!!  Now I will never forget a permission slip- coupon- directions AGAIN!!! Ya, right, but at least I’m semi in-control over the never-ending paperwork mountain!